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Sleeplab.com, a division of Infotrust Sleep Services, is a Canadian tele-sleep business focused on the investigation and access to treatment for all sleep disorders. Our mission is to identify the most advanced methodology and cutting-edge technology based on reliable scientific evidence that individuals can employ to play an active part in maintaining their sleep-related optimal health. The emergence of virtual health care is of increasing importance in the field of sleep medicine with a major challenge being how to best integrate it with traditional health practices and infrastructure. We endeavor to provide enabling, relevant tele-sleep support services facilitating the delivery of cost-effective telemedicine to patients and physicians, adhering to all applicable medical standards.

Dr. Murray J. Moffat, MD, our Chief Scientific Officer, is a graduate of the University of Toronto Medical School who restricted his practice to sleep medicine by referral only for over 30 years. He acted as the Co-chair of the inaugural CPSO Sleep Task Force which developed the Clinical Practice Parameters and Facility Standards for Sleep Studies in the Province of Ontario. He subsequently served as a member of the College Sleep Task Force, Sleep Medicine Review Panel and Sleep Medicine IHF Peer Assessors. Dr. Moffat served as the Medical Director and Quality Advisor for three accredited very successful sleep medicine Ontario Independent Health Facilities. He has experience as an Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) host clinic Medical Director. An important part of his work has been the development and implementation of innovative technology and programs in the field of sleep medicine.

Our non-MD staff have many years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of all sleep disorders, especially sleep-disordered breathing.

For assistance, please contact info@sleeplab.com.