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Patient Services

Welcome to Sleeplab.com

Our services are designed to be informative and helpful in understanding your sleep, and any possible sleep-related health problems that may be present.

Our Level 2 Home Sleep Study is the same as a full study conducted in a sleep laboratory without a sleep technologist being present. It records all the channels needed, including EEG to measure actual sleep time and investigate the full range of sleep disorders such as non-restorative sleep patterns, introducing recent advances in the measurement of sleep depth and quality.

We also offer a PAP Assessment Program for individuals using Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy who would benefit from follow-up care. This includes clients who are experiencing problems with their current use of PAP or whose PAP requirements have changed and those in need of equipment replacement. Our assessments are very helpful for monitoring patients whose physicians have arranged a home CPAP loaner program prior to purchase or home AutoPAP titration in place of an in-lab PAP study to determine the optimum pressure setting.  

A PAP Assessment report collating your responses to our PAP questionnaire and equipment data download findings is reviewed by a qualified CPSO sleep physician before the report is made available to you for download to ensure that it is properly formatted for telemedicine or office use with your personal physician. We recommend that everyone book a follow-up visit with their family doctor or sleep physician and provide a secure online consent protocol to facilitate PAP Assessment report sharing with any health care professional they choose.

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