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PAP Assessment

Current sleep medicine guidelines recommend regular review of individuals using positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy. As published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine (Vol. 14, No. 10), an expert panel of 40 participants from 21 countries has provided an international consensus on the core clinical components needed for clinical review of people using CPAP therapy, which we have incorporated into our PAP Assessment program.

Our goal is to assist individuals currently using Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy by facilitating arrangements for follow-up care or obtaining a CPAP replacement unit when needed, and helping in the care of those new to CPAP. This includes assessment of patients whose physicians have arranged a home CPAP loaner program prior to purchase or home AutoPAP titration in place of an in-lab PAP study to determine the optimum pressure setting.

To facilitate virtual care for patients using Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy for treatment of sleep apnea, Infotrust Sleep Services offers patients and their physicians the technology and support services necessary to realize the convenience and time savings offered by telemedicine using any internet capable device such as a smartphone. A PAP Assessment report containing your responses to our comprehensive online PAP questionnaire, and a recent PAP data download provided by your Supplier is reviewed by a qualified sleep medicine physician prior to making it accessible only to you for download through our secure client portal. Thereafter, you are given the option to provide consent for your family doctor or sleep physician to access your PAP Assessment report online for telemedicine visits or office use. Your family doctor may recommend a referral for consultation with a sleep physician who with your prior consent can access your report online. If a videoconference consultation with a sleep physician is desired and difficult to arrange, our staff of non-MD sleep professionals would be pleased to assist your personal physician in booking a telemedicine consultation with a qualified sleep physician in your locale.

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