Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Data Reports


CPAP, AutoPAP, BPAP and ASV machines record a wide range of data that can be downloaded to generate reports and assist in the care of patients with sleep disordered breathing. This enables patients and their attending PAP physicians to confirm the effectiveness of PAP treatment for sleep apnea and can be useful in resolving any problems encountered with this therapy especially when matched to how the patient is feeling at the time of their data download.

Types of Data Reports

Most manufacturers of PAP equipment offer two types of data management/reporting; one oriented to patient use and the other designed for healthcare providers. A variety of methods are employed for uploading data for analysis to computers, mobile devices or the Cloud including SD cards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular modems.

  • Patient Oriented Data Management/Reporting

Computer desktop tools and mobile apps available at the manufacturers’ websites typically summarize findings such as compliance, pressure, AHI, mask leaks and trends to assist patients in managing their PAP care.

  • Healthcare Provider PAP Data Management/Reporting

The programs designed for healthcare professionals are more comprehensive, providing the physician and homecare supplier with detailed information needed to optimize PAP therapy. This type of data report usually can be obtained from the PAP supplier. Alternatively, there are desktop programs that enable the patient to prepare these detailed reports at home using a SD card, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


Sourcing PAP Data Reports for Sleeplab.com

Preparation of the sleeplab.com PAP Assessment requires the manufacturer’s detailed health professional data report, which may be sourced as follows:
1. PAP Homecare Vendors
We have a secure online protocol enabling the patient to contact their supplier asking that a recent data download report be uploaded to the patient’s account at sleeplab.com. Informed patient consent is included with this request. The PAP vendor may or may not charge for this report.
2. Open Source PAP Data Analysis Program
OSCAR – the Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter is a free PAP data analysis program available for download at SleepFiles.com/OSCAR that can be used to prepare a comprehensive data download report at home. OSCAR/Help lists the types of PAP machines supported, and the program will automatically determine the manufacturer and type of PAP machine for the data recorded on a SD card. SD cards are installed in many PAP machines and an inexpensive USB SD card reader can be purchased for about $10.00 for those computers without such a card reader. It is also possible for OSCAR to analyze PAP data imported into a file directory using other methods such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

(If you decide to generate your own PAP data report using OSCAR, proceed as follows: After importing the data, choose View/View Statistics and then File/Print Report/ Microsoft Print to PDF saving the report as a pdf file. Repeat this process for View/View Overview/ and then File/Print Report/ Microsoft Print to PDF saving this second report as a pdf file. Combine the two pdf files into one pdf file because the data report must be submitted to sleeplab.com as one file.)