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PAP Assessment

Our goal is to assist individuals using Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy who are having difficulty accessing follow-up care or obtaining a CPAP replacement unit. This PAP program enables family physicians and PAP home care providers to identify the status and specific needs of their patients and to obtain help, if needed, in arranging an appointment with a sleep medicine physician either by telemedicine or at a qualified sleep facility in the patient’s locale.

For most PAP patients, reassessment can now be done at home. However, if PAP patients have complex apnea, are on therapy such as BPAP-ST, ASV or supplemental oxygen or have health problems such as significant cardiac or respiratory disease, these patients are best studied overnight in a sleep laboratory.

What Is Included in My PAP Assessment?

  • Analysis of comprehensive PAP questionnaire that you completed securely online using your mobile device or computer that incorporates the core clinical review components based on International Consensus that should be to be considered when reviewing people using CPAP therapy. (The questionnaire requires mandatory information best provided by your home care supplier such as a data download report.)
  • Interpretation by a sleep physician of the latest data download from your PAP equipment showing its status, and your response to therapy for sleep apnea.
  • An Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) Report prepared by a sleep physician available only to you through our secure client portal that can be sent to your family doctor, sleep physician or telemedicine sleep physician only at your request and with your prior consent.
  • We advise that you discuss your IME report and any of its recommendations with your family physician, sleep physician or telemedicine sleep physician.
  • Assistance if needed in arranging an appointment with a sleep medicine physician, either by telemedicine or at a qualified sleep facility in your locale.

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